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Gloss Editing in Light Fields
&International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization (VMV 2016)

Yulia Gryaditskaya1      Masia Belen1,2      Piotr Didyk1,3      Karol Myszkowski1      Hans-Peter Seidel1     
1Saarland University and MPI Informatik      2Universidad de Zaragoza       3MMCI

Our multidimensional filtering approach allows angularly-coherent editing of glossy appearance in a light field (LF) by means of a user-specified roughness parameter σv. In pairs, from left to right: input LF, and two editing results showing increasing roughness. Each pair shows the actual LF view, and the corresponding specular component with increased contrast for better visualization. We show here two views of the LF (top and bottom rows); for videos of the full LF please refer to the supplemental material.


With the improvement of both acquisition techniques, and computational and storage capabilities, we are witnessing an increasing presence of multidimensional scene representations. Two-dimensional, conventional images are gradually losing their hegemony, leaving room for novel formats. Among these, light fields are gaining importance, further propelled by the recent reappearance of virtual reality. Content generation is one of the stumbling blocks in this realm, and light fields are one of the main input sources of content. As their use becomes more common, a key challenge is the ability to edit or modify the appearance of the objects in the light field. This paper presents a method for manipulating the appearance of gloss in light fields. In particular, we propose a multidimensional filtering approach in which the specular highlights are filtered in the spatial and angular domains to target a desired increase of the material roughness. The filtering kernel is computed based on surface normals and view direction. Our technique generates angularly-coherent plausible edits in both synthetic and captured light fields.


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Gloss editing in light fields.
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